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Is a washing machine repair in your future?

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Sometimes an unfamiliar noise can be a sign of something bigger. Whether the job is big or small, let our qualified technicians locate the problem and perform any necessary repairs. With same day service, you can count on us to be there exactly when you need us.

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Affordable Washing Machine Repair

There are plenty of things both big and small that can go wrong with a clothes washer.

Damaged switches can cause the washer to not even start. Broken components can cause fuses to blow. A broken door lock will also keep the machine from starting, since you certainly do not want your washer to run with the door open.

Whether you have an LG or Samsung Washer or any other brand, we have the skill and experience to fix it properly.

A worse situation is when it fills with water but refuses to agitate, spin or drain. Now you have a washer full of water and wet clothes becoming a home to mildew. Let us affordably repair your washing machine as soon as possible.

Washing Machine Leaks

Is your washer leaking? A broken drain pump is a common cause and requires replacement of the pump.

Damages to hoses and their seals can also lead to disastrous leaks. The breaking of tub seals requires a particularly complex fix, involving significant disassembly of the machine in order to repair the leak.

An overflowing machine is even more disastrous. In either case, your first action should be to shut off the machine so it no longer actively pumps in more water. You may also need to shut off the water at its source on the wall behind the washing machine.

Next, if your washer is not on the lowest level of your home, clean the water up quickly. You don’t need a lot of water on your laundry room floor to have a big mess. Water can easily leak from a first story room into the basement, damaging things stored there.

We provide the affordable washing machine repair service in Birmingham, AL.

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