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You can read more about Rocky Ridge, Alabama 35216 in Vestavia Hills’ website:

Within Vestavia Hills, east of Highway 31, is the Rocky Ridge neighborhood. Rocky Ridge is a good example of mixed-use village-type development within Vestavia Hills. The village’s commercial center encircles the intersection of Rocky Ridge Road and Morgan Drive, and a variety of commercial and residential uses are concentrated there. A mixture of medium- and high-density residential developments surround the commercial area. The residential area features a retirement village, apartments, garden homes, and single family homes. The commercial use area includes retail, office and service-related businesses, predominantly located along Rocky Ridge Road. Immediately to the west lies Vestavia Hills High School. Currently, Vestavia Hills is developing a community recreation area along Little Shades Creek which will tie the area into Rocky Ridge area and the High School by way of a natural trail.

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