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Are you looking for electronics repairs in the Overton Village, 35243 area?

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You’ve come to the right people. We’ve been serving as Alabama’s premier service center for television repairs for over two decades, and we want to serve you in Overton Village, too.

Our friendly, courteous, and competent technicians know how to repair your television, but they also know that they are guests in your home and they have to treat you with the respect you deserve.

Service Care stands behind our work with Alabama’s best warranty on our work because we do what it takes to fix your TV right. We want you to feel comfortable that you’re getting a repair that is going to last.

We look forward to years of coming to Overton Village to help service your TV repair problems.

For electronics and television repairs in the Overton Village, 35243 area, you will not find a service center who will take better care of you.

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You can read more about Overton Village, Alabama 35243 in Mountain Brook’s website:

Overton Village
Of the four villages of Mountain Brook, Overton Village is the newest, and unlike the other villages, it was annexed into the City (the other three older villages already existed in some form when the City was incorporated in 1942). Overton is also the smallest in size of the villages, mostly consisting of convenience services and neighborhoods. As a result of this, Overton Village has a more automobile-oriented character that is typical of many strip commercial centers. Recently, Overton Village started to really “build up steam” when the Publix grocery store was developed. The local grocery store is a vital business for the support of the surrounding neighborhoods. In addition to the aforementioned developments, Overton Village also has a number of civic amenities which include the Chabad House, several churches, and Overton Park. One decidedly unique feature of Overton Village is the municipal boundary that winds its way through what would perceptually and physically be perceived by casual observation as the boundaries of the village. Overton Village serves both the City of Vestavia Hills’ neighborhoods and southeast Mountain Brook.

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