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Service Care is here to solve your electronics and television repair problems with our experienced, factory trained technicians. Located in the Irondale 35210 area, we at Service Care want to make sure that we take good care of those that live close to us in the Irondale community.

We’re neighbors, and we’ll do our best to rapidly fix all your in-home television repair problems for you.

We’re authorized for warranty repairs on most major television and electronics repairs, so we have the latest training and information available to take care of all your electronics and television service needs.

We are also authorized to repair televisions under a number of third-party extended warranties like N.E.W. and G.E. Protection Plus contracts.

For electronics and television repairs in the Irondale 35210 area, you will not find a service center who will take better care of you.

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A brief summary of the history of Irondale, sampled from the City of Irondale’s website:

On October fifth, 1887, outside Birmingham, Alabama, 29 residents of a small mining/railroad community petitioned to be incorporated. A vote was held on October 17th, and two days later the town of Irondale was born. Irondale’s corporate limits extended only 1/2 mile in each direction from the center, which was between three oaks standing in the town between the Alabama Great Southern Railroad and the Georgia Pacific Railroad, and nearly in front of the Hotel Resort (by 1912 the hotel no longer existed, but for many years and long after the trees were gone the marker remained which designating the center of the town). In 1887, Irondale was a very small town, a mere 4 blocks in 1887, but began to grow into the town we know today.

Irondale derives its name from a furnace, first known as the Cahaba Iron Works, which was due west of the current city limits of modern-day Irondale. The builder of the furnace, a Mr. W. S. McElwain of Holly Springs, Mississippi, named it Cahaba Iron Works in 1863, but to the locals it was always known as Irondale.

Sitting in a valley, Irondale has Shades Mountain to the south/southeast and Red Mountain to the north. The mountains were used by pioneers and Indians long before the Irondale was incorporated. Irondale has large deposits of coal, limestone and iron ore, with many springs and clear streams.

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