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We love Crestline. Seriously, we do. The owner and customer service manager both grew up in Crestline, within walking distance of the village. We remember Arial’s Drug Store, and still smile at the familiar sight of the Piggly Wiggly and the Emmet O’Neal Library. We’ve watched fondly as Crestline has grown and prospered (while still holding on to the village charm).

Service Care has been taking care of friends and family in the Crestline Village area for over two decades, and we’re going to keep taking care of your needs. You will feel comfortable with our polite, friendly and competent technicians in your home, and your television will be returned to factory specifications.

Nobody in Crestline *wants* their television to need repairs. We know that. But if you do, we want you to think of Service Care as the only option, or at least as the best choice in television repairs. We want take care of you.

So, give us a call or send us an email, and give us the pleasure of coming back to Crestline Village to give quality service to the friendliest people in Mountain Brook.

For electronics and television repairs in the Crestline Village, 35210 area, you will not find a local service center who will take better care of you.

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You can read more about Crestline Village, Alabama 35213 in Mountain Brook’s website:

Robert Jemison, Jr., local real estate professional and developer, is credited with the vision for Mountain Brook that has continued to this very day.

A good deal of the actual execution and development of Jemison’s vision for Mountain Brook was done by local landscape architect W.H. Kessler. Kessler constructed the patterns of Mountain Brook that exemplify that vision: large estates contained in self-contained communities, near to the normal conveniences of life. Features of this are:
• Winding, narrow primary roads which follow the contours of the topography without sacrificing connectivity.
• Settings and estates which blend in well with the natural environment.
• Trails, belts of greenery, and golf courses integrated into the structure of the city, neighborhoods and the landscape itself.
• Nice little villages, compact in design, with conveniently provide necessary goods and services for the local residents.
Crestline Village
Originally called the Community of Crestline Heights, Crestline Village was developed later than English Village and Mountain Brook. Unlike the previous villages, its architecture styles do not prominently feature Tudor Revival as these styles were no longer as popular in the mid-twentieth century. Crestline Village has characteristics more like a traditional main street. However, the village does exhibit the neighborhood convenience, pedestrian scale, and character of the previous villages.

Since the Crestline’s incorporation, it has grown to exemplify the traditional small town downtown, hosting Emmet O’Neal library, City Hall, and Crestline Elementary. Crestline’s downtown functions as the civic center of the City. It is also home to many special events such as festivals and the homecoming parade.

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