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Cahaba Heights has been turning to Service Care for TV Service for over two decades, and we intend to keep giving them the best service we can possibly give them.

We know that to stay in business for another decade, we’ve got to keep making people happy. That starts with treating people with courtesy and respect, and that’s how we’ll treat you in your home. We realize we are guests, and you’ll be glad you invited us into your home.

If you live in the 35243 zip code, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to take care of your television repair problems.

For electronics and television repairs in Cahaba Heights 35243 area, you will not find a service center who will take better care of you.

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You can read more about Cahaba Heights, Alabama 35243 in Vestavia Hills’ website:

Cahaba Heights grew out of a small settlement around a pumping station along the Cahaba River. In 1887 the Birmingham Water Works charged engineer W.A. Merkle to construct the pumping station to withdraw water from the river where it would then be sent to a reservoir on Shades Mountain and then distributed throughout the growing city. The community was originally named “Merkle” for the engineer who served as the pumping station’s first supervisor after its construction.

Later the settlement moved upland and became known as “New Merkle”. The first school opened in New Merkle in 1906 with an enrollment of 113 students. Over time New Merkle earned the image of being a rough, wooly community – allegedly moonshiners and bootleggers were common to the area. In 1953 Mr. E.A. Hollis, principal of the school, suggested the community’s name be changed to “Cahaba Heights.”

After remaining an unincorporated part of Jefferson County for many years, the citizens voted overwhelmingly to annex into the City of Vestavia Hills in 2002. Today, with a population of approximately 5,200 residents, Cahaba Heights is a unique part of Vestavia Hills and of the region. The community, located between downtown Birmingham and the Highway 280 corridor, serves as an important link between the southwestern portions of Vestavia Hills and the new growth area of Liberty Park. Cahaba Heights’ central location and proximity to Highway 280 and I-459 provide convenient access to the major shopping and employment hubs in the metropolitan area. Since its incorporation into the City, the Cahaba Heights area has experienced increased interest in both commercial and residential development and reinvestment.

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