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Toshiba facts of interest:

The name Toshiba is a combination of two company names that merged together: Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric Co.) and Shibaura Seisaku-sho (Shibaura Engineering Works) combined to form Tokyo Shibaura Denki. In time, it became well known by the shortened combination of To and Shiba.

In 1924, Toshiba began trial manufacture of cathode-ray tubes (the same tubes used to make early televisions). By 1950 they had completed Japan’s 1st television broadcast transmitters and television microwave relay system. In 1959, Toshiba had developed Japan’s first transistorized TVs.

In 1970, Toshiba developed the world’s 1st color video-phone. One year later, they released the world’s 1st expanded I.C. color television. Then in 1972, Toshiba released the world’s 1st color television with black stripe-type cathode-ray tubes.

In 1985, Toshiba developed Japan’s 1st transceiver device for HDTV systems, and introduced the world’s first laptop personal computer. In 1998, Toshiba manufactured the flat TV, FACE. Two years later, they were manufacturing BS digital televisions. Since then, Toshiba has continued to innovate and produce televisions for the world market.

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