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Sony televisions – a short “history”

While it wasn’t the first product they presented to the public, Sony made the first transistor radio in Japan in 1955. Just five years later, they would make the first tube-less portable black and white TV in Japan. The next year, 1961, Japan comes to America with their all transistor television, as well as the model PV-1000 video tape recorder. During the remainder of the 1960’s, Sony would offer a five inch television, the world’s first video tape recorder for use in the home, the world’s first transister condenser microphone, the worlds first color videotape recorder for the home, the world’s first portable video tape recorder, the world’s first radio with integrated circuitry, and the first Sony Trinitron television. That’s a lot of World’s firsts.

The 70’s brought more innovation, including the first Japanese company to open a manufacturing plant in the United States (no small feat), the eventually doomed (but arguably better) Betamax VCR, a number of advances in magnetic media and recording, and the Walkman. The Walkman personal stereo completely changed how Americans viewed a stereo system, removing it from the heavy living room console and letting us take it on the road.

With the 80’s, Sony created CCD camera, unveiled car stereo equipment, proposed video camera equipment that would combine the camera and the recorder, announced (with Philips and Polygram) the future format we know as the CD, introduced the first 3.5 inch floppy drive, made many innovative variations to the Walkman personal stereo (like recording, radio tuning, and water resistance), introduced the Watchman portable and personal TV, and astonished the world with the quality of its Hi8 8mm tapes.

In the 90’s, Sony gave us the DAT Walkman, the first writable CD, the MiniDisc, U.S. Manufactured rear projection televisions, a HandyCam recorder with LCD monitor, the world’s first 16:9 computer monitor, helps to develop the DVD format, and a lot more.

Sony has contributed much of what we know consider standards in our electronic world. Computers, cameras, camcorders, televisions, video recorders, stereo, broadcasting, videogames, music and film are all heavily influenced by Sony’s work through the years.

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