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Service Care is Alabama’s Sharp authorized repair center. We have been factory trained and warranty authorized to repair Sharp televisions in Alabama for well over a decade.

When your Sharp TV has problems, you want to restore it to the same quality of service that it had when you bought it. You want your television working right.

For Sharp televisions, you owe it to yourself to choose Service Care as your repair center.

When it comes to Sharp TV services and repairs in Alabama, you will not find a repair center who will take better care of you and your television.

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Sharp televisions – a short “history”

Sharp began first mass production of their television sets in 1953, but they say they’ve been researching the technology since 1931.

In 1951 Sharp produced the first working prototype television, and a year later were the first Japanese company to enter into a basic patent agreement with RCA. This led quickly to a trial production of black and white television sets for the public.

In January 1953, Sharp introduced Japan’s first commercially produced television with their model TV3-14T. It was about 2.7 times more than the average Japanese government worker’s yearly salary. There were only about 866 television viewing households at that time.

One of the early difficulties of mass produced television was after-the-sale service. Establishing a nationwide service network proved a real challenge, but Sharp focused heavily on training and quality of service because they realized that after-the-sale service was as important as the sale itself.

Television grew in popularity in Japan, and Sharp’s sales increased, as programming improved. Sporting events were the primary subject for television broadcast, and proved wildly popular. Eventually the television joined the refrigerator and the washing machine as the most desired household purchases.

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