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For after-warranty Samsung television services and repairs in Alabama, you will not find a service center who will take better care of you and your TV.
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Samsung – a short “history” of Samsung televisions

In 1938, Samsung (which means “Three Stars” in Korean, is founded in Taegu, Korea. At this time, the company is involved mostly in trade export of food items to nearby countries. The company would grow and diversify into insurance and eventually electronics.

In 1970, Samsung would produce it’s first black and white model television, becoming a player in the TV market. By 1972, they were mass-producing them for sale. By 1976 Samsung had produced 1 millions black and white TVs, and one year after they began exporting color TVs in 1977 they reached the production milestone of 4 million B&W TVs (the most in the world).

In 1982 Samsung produced their 10 millionth Black and White television, and their 20 millionth Color TV in 1989. That’s a lot of TVs!

Other milestones for Samsung TVs include the world’s first 33 inch double-screen TV, the world’s first 30 inch TFT-LCD developed, mass production of the world’s first digital TV, the world’s first 40 inch TFT-LCD, and the list goes on. Clearly a lot of innovation coming out of humble beginnings as a trade export company.

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