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Need your Panasonic TV fixed in Alabama?

Service Care is the premier Panasonic authorized service center for Alabama. We’ve been servicing Panasonic customers just like you for over a decade, and we know how to take care of your television when it is not working right.

You purchased a Panasonic for many good reasons: great picture quality, excellent commitment to customer service, and good product longevity. If your Panasonic TV is not operating correctly, you should turn to a servicer who is committed to your long-term satisfaction. Service Care will solve your television problems.

For Panasonic television services and repairs in Alabama, you will not find a service center who will take better care of you and your TV.
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Panasonic – an incredibly short & incomplete “history”

Panasonic began as Matsushita Electric (and remained so until 2005) making humble electric items like light bulb sockets. As they grew through the early 1900’s, they began to add new products like bicycle lights and clothes irons, radios and motors.

Several decades later, Panasonic would develop their first black and white television in 1952. The fifties were a strong time for Panasonic and new product developments in the area of household appliances.

In 1960, Panasonic introduced their first color TV. Thirty-six years later, in 1996, they would introduce their first Plasma television. In the years between, Panasonic kept busy with new electronic innovations and products for consumer and industrial markets.

Today’s Panasonic is one of the leading global manufacturers of televisions, and have earned a strong place in the history of the television itself.

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