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Service Care is your Mitsubishi authorized service center. We have been a factory-trained and authorized repair center for Mitsubishi for over a decade, and you can count on us to solve all your broken TV problems.

You bought Mitsubishi because of the excellence of their televisions and their commitment to quality. We have the same vision for how we provide service to you. Our electronics technicians have years of experience fixing Mitsubishi TVs, and will use that expertise to make your television work again like new.

If your TV is a Mitsubishi, you owe it to yourself to choose Service Care as your service center.

For Mitsubishi television services and repairs in Alabama, you will not find a service center who will take better care of you and your TV.
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Mitsubishi televisions – a short “history”

The year was 1953, and Mitsubishi Electric released their first branded television. This was a black & white television. This was followed up in 1954 by the completion of the ITV, which as Japan’s first television developed for industrial use.

Six years later, in 1960, Mitsubishi produced their first color TV. This TV used technology that was first developed by the American company RCA (Radio Corporation of America).

In the eighties, Mitsubishi really started to think BIG about televisions. In 1980, the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles installed the first Mitsubishi Diamond Vision outdoor video display. This was one big TV! The 37 inch color TV they released in 1985 may not have been quite as big, but it was a pretty large in-home television for 1985.

From 2001 and beyond, Mitsubishi has installed a number of super-sized TV’s. In 2001, Mitsubishi installed the first large-scale outdoor HDTV screen in Tokyo, followed by the world’s widest display in 2003 at a Hong Kong race course. In 2005, the Atlanta Braves’ Turner Field baseball stadium go the world’s largest outdoor HDTV video screen from Mitsubishi. It’s clear that Mitsubishi has a lot of experience with large televisions.

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