Need your LG TV fixed in Alabama?

LG is a popular brand in Alabama. It’s no surprise, since LG has a production facility in our fair state!

LG is a fast-growing brand that produces good televisions at a nice price, and you need quality repair service when your LG television has a problem.

Service Care is dedicated to making sure that you and your LG TV are taken care of. If you have problems, we want to solve them.

For LG television services and repairs in Alabama, you will not find a service center who will take better care of you and your TV.
A picture of the home of Alabama’s premier LG service center.
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LG – a short “history” of LG televisions

In 1958, the company known as Goldstar was born. They went on to produce Korea’s first televisions, radios, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines.

In 1995, Goldstar became LG Electronics and purchased Zenith, the last American manufacturer of televisions.

Soon LG was producing LCD and Plasma TVs, including the world’s first 60 inch plasma television. LG continues to innovate, becoming a big player in the mobile handset market.

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