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Refrigerator Repair

Birmingham, AL

Need the best refrigerator repair Birmingham has to offer? We’re fast and affordable!

When refrigerator repair becomes necessary, time can be of the essence, as your refrigerated food has a very limited shelf life once the temperature starts to rise.

When you need refrigerator repair Birmingham can count on, call us for same-day service. We’ll get that refrigerator working good as new! Want some social proof? See pictures of our recent repair projects and read our reviews!

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Refrigerator Repair Services

Major Refrigerator Brands Serviced

Don’t See Your Brand listed? Give us a call and we’ll let you know if we can help!

leaking refrigerator repair

Not Cooling

The most immediate kind of problem involves your refrigerator not cooling.
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First, keep the doors closed. That will trap what’s left of the cold air and preserve your food for a few more hours. Do not open it even to get items out, as it lets a lot of cold escape, increasing the risk of spoilage. Unfortunately, you’ll need to check the temperature of your food after your refrigerator repair service has been completed. If it’s warm, you’ll have to throw it out. The alternative invites the risk of food poisoning.

Not Making Ice

Most modern refrigerators provide cold water and ice.
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If these features aren’t working, its possible water can no longer make it into the machine. This might be because of a blocked hose, a damaged valve, or a faulty filter. The problem might also be the ice maker itself, which will need to be repaired or replaced.

Icing Up

Refrigerators and freezers used to commonly ice up.
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De-icing them could be a lengthy process. However, modern refrigerators should not have this problem. If they do, they need refrigerator repair service. Most commonly, it’s caused by faulty door seals. Let us keep your refrigerator from icing up.


A leak from any appliance becomes a big mess real quick.
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We offer same day refrigerator repair service and fix the problem before it gets worse. There are several reasons a refrigerator leaks. The drain pan, which sits at the bottom of your unit, can crack. Another is a fault in your ice maker and a damaged hose can let water escape. A broken water filter can be another cause leaks too.

same day

refrigerator repair service

There’s plenty of things that can go wrong, requiring refrigerator repair.

Whatever the problem, let us diagnose and fix it. Still under warranty? We’ll work with the company to get your warranty repairs done right. We provide the best refrigerator repair in Birmingham, AL. Our refrigerator coil cleaning service can help solve many problems.

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