Wolf Range Repair

Wolf ranges are prized for their designer style.

Coming in both gas and electric models, they’re a great addition to any kitchen.

Wolf Range Not Heating? We Can Fix It Very Quickly!
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If your range is in trouble, trust it to our dedicated technicians. We’ll find the problem and safely and affordably repair it so you can get back to the business of cooking.

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Wolf Range Repair

Really, a range only has one job: make things hot.

However, if your Wolf range is not heating up, there are a wide variety of possible causes. It may be the switches aren’t working. No matter how much you turn dials and push buttons, the stove never understands what you want. It can be an issue with connectors that bring together the heating elements with the electric supply. Whatever the cause, let us find and fix it for you.

Fixing a range is not something to do on your own and it should only be done by a certified Wolf repair technician. These commercial quality cooking appliances are primarily built in natural gas models, but some electric ones have become popular. At Service Care, we repair both types.

Wolf range repair

We repair gas and electric

Wolf ranges in Birmingham, AL.

Gas Wolf ranges are particularly dangerous to troubleshoot because they are connected to a line of natural gas. Mishandling of that gas can lead to poisoning or explosion, so don’t try troubleshooting it yourself! Our people have years of experience with them and can service them safely.

Electric Wolf ranges comes in a variety of types. Older versions have the heating element of the stovetop exposed. Nowadays, the elements are covered by a smooth cooktop for ease of cleaning. There’s also different types of electric stovetops, such as induction and infra-red versions. These contribute to more even heating and control of temperature.

Whatever your Wolf range model, let us repair it. We’re fast and affordable, will great customer service backed up by accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

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