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Viking Range Repair

Viking ranges are a luxury item for the kitchen. However, even the best products can have the occasional problem.

Is your viking range not heating the way it should? We can fix it quickly.
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Whether your range is gas or electric, you need a professional to service your kitchen appliances. Let a company accredited by the Better Business Bureau help you quickly get back to cooking.

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Gas Viking Range Repair

We repair Viking ranges in Birmingham, AL.

Never try to service a gas range. Connected to lines of natural gas in your home, these appliances pose considerable risk of poisoning or explosion when tampered with. Our trained technicians can safety turn off the gas, service your Viking range, and reconnect everything after the repair.

Some of these types of gas ranges offer a variety of other potential problems. Don’t try fixing it yourself. You risk further damaging it as well as possibly injuring yourself or others. Let us repair your Viking range quickly and safely.

Viking range repair

Servicing Electric Viking Ranges

Electric ranges use a variety of methods to cook your favorite dishes.

Older models heat up metal coils which then transfer heat to your pots and pans. Originally, the stove coils were visible, and pans were directly applied to them. Today, they are covered by glass cooktops which make cleanup much easier.

Some of the newest models today cook with infrared or inductive technologies. These techniques apply quick and even heat to whatever you’re cooking.

No matter how it functions, if your gas or electric Viking range is not heating, you have a serious problem.

There’s lots of potential causes for your heating problems. In electric ranges, the connection between the electricity and the heating element can be bad. Alternatively, your Viking range might be providing too much heat, or the heat might be unpredictable. This could be caused by faults in the switches used to adjust temperature.

You invested in a quality product for years of dependable use. We can help it continue to provide that service. And if it’s under warranty, we’re work with the company to make sure everything gets covered quickly and easily.

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