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Thermador Repair

Even the best appliances can give you trouble.

Thermador ranges have been providing quality service to kitchens for more than 70 years. They pride themselves on stainless steel appliances and appeal to discerning chefs.

Get Reliable Thermador Range Repair. Call: (205) 956-3777 Today!

Even the best appliances can give you trouble. You’ve trusted Thermador to provide a quality range. Now let us help it continue to provide you with dependable service for years to come.

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Thermador Not Heating?

We repair electric and gas Thermador ranges in Birmingham, AL.

There are lots of potential causes. For electric Thermador ranges, the switches you use to regulate heat might be damaged. The range has no way of knowing what you’re wanting. This can result in overly high temperature, greatly fluctuating temperatures, or little to no heat at all. Another problem can be in the wiring. The heating elements simply aren’t getting the power to do their jobs properly.

Thermador range repair

We repair electric and gas Thermador ranges in Birmingham, AL.

Taking apart a range to troubleshoot and repair it is not something you should do yourself.

Too many things can go wrong which can damage the unit or injure you. Gas Thermador ranges pose particular dangers. The natural gas they use is poisonous and potentially explosive. Let one of our qualified technicians safely inspect and repair your Thermador range.

Thermador ranges come in a wide variety of models, including many sizes and configurations. Some also use new technologies such as inductive and infrared heating. Whatever yours is, we have the expertise to get it working again with minimal disruption to your day. The Better Business Bureau has accredited us, so you can be confident of receiving excellent customer service as well as plenty of know-how.

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