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Dacor Range Repair Service Birmingham

Is Your Dacor range not heating properly?

Dacor ranges come in both gas and electric models, each offering their own challenges when they aren’t correctly working.

 We can fix it quickly!
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If your Dacor range is on the fritz, let us fix it fast and let you get back to your culinary pursuits.

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Gas Decor Range Repair

We repair Decor ranges in Birmingham, AL.

Gas ranges ignite natural gas to cook your food. For this reason, you should never try to repair a gas range by yourself. The risk of poisoning and explosion makes it much too dangerous. Let one of our technicians service your gas Dacor range. We’ll turn off the gas and make sure everything is connected safely and securely as we finish our repairs.

Dacor range repair

Electric Dacor Range Repair

Electric ranges turn electricity into heat through a variety of means.

Electric ranges turn electricity into heat through a variety of means. In older models, the stovetop heating elements are visible. In newer models, they are located under smooth cooktops that make for easier cleaning. The newest technologies use induction and infrared to produce heat.

Is your Dacor range not heating? One potential problem can be the connection between those elements and the electrical source. Without a secure connection, heat generation can be poor to non-existent.

Alternatively, your range might be running too hot or providing unpredictable heat. This can be a problem with the switches used to regulate temperature.

Whatever the problem, let us repair your Dacor range. Our expert technicians will safely identify and repair the problem. Still under warranty? We’ll work with Dacor to get your warranty repairs covered.

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