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RANGE common problems

We inspected an appliance displaying Error F7, not turning on, and with a non-functional element. The issue was traced to a failed control board. After installing a new control board, the unit was tested and is now operating normally.

Error F7 Appliance Not Turning On and Element Not Working

We responded to a service call regarding an appliance emitting a gas odor, indicating a potential gas leak. Upon arrival, our team conducted a thorough inspection and confirmed the presence of a gas leak. The leak was promptly addressed by repairing the affected connections and securing all fittings. After the repairs, we tested the appliance to ensure that it was no longer leaking gas and was safe to use. This intervention mitigated any safety hazards, ensuring the appliance was operational and secure for the household.

Appliance Gas Leak Detected and Repaired

We serviced a GE oven with a burner that would not turn off. Initially, the gas company had to shut off the gas supply for safety. Upon diagnosis, we identified a faulty ignitor as the cause. The defective ignitor was removed and replaced with a new one. After the repair, the burner was tested and confirmed to turn off correctly. The oven is now functioning safely and properly.

GE Oven Burner Won't Turn Off

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