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Lots of things can go wrong with an oven, but most of them result in the same thing: undesirable temperatures. Maybe it’s not turning on at all, or it does but never gets to the desired temperature.

Are you finding yourself burning food you used to cook with ease? It may be your oven is running too hot.

Or the temperature may be wildly unpredictable, burning food one day yet refusing to thoroughly cook the next. Is the door locked close?

There’s probably a problem with the self-cleaning mechanism. The door is normally secured while that feature is in progress, but if the oven doesn’t understand it’s not currently cleaning, the door can lock up.

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During an inspection of an LG double oven gas range experiencing heating issues, we exposed and tested the hidden burner and ignitor. Initial tests showed even lighting and burning on both sides of the range and the broil function. Despite this, symptoms suggested a malfunction in the temperature sensor. A comparative test between the old sensor and a new one revealed differences in resistance, indicating sensor failure. We replaced the faulty temperature sensor, which resolved the heating issues, restoring proper functionality to the unit.

LG Double Oven Gas Range Not Heating Properly

Addressed a Dacor wall oven issue where the broiler wouldn't function or heat above 200 degrees. After inspecting, we opted to install a replacement oven. Post-installation testing confirmed the new unit operates within factory specifications, effectively resolving the heating problem.


Upon arrival, we inspected a Thermador oven that would not heat when turned on. Initial inspection revealed the oven was unresponsive to heating commands. Further examination uncovered a half-burned power cord, which was the root cause of the issue. The damaged power cord was removed and replaced with a new one. After replacing the cord, the oven was tested to ensure it was receiving power and heating correctly. The unit is now fully operational and heats as expected.

Thermador Oven Won't Heat When Turned On

We inspected a Bosch oven with two left side burners clicking but not igniting. The issue was traced to a faulty left back burner electrode. We identified the need for a new ignitor module, wire harness, and potentiometer. After removing and replacing the faulty parts, the oven was tested and is now functioning properly.

Bosch Oven Left Side Burners Clicking but Not Igniting

A Wolf oven was reported to have a non-functional display panel and no power. Upon arrival and inspection, it was determined that the power cord was burnt. The faulty power cord was removed and replaced with a new one. After replacement, the oven was tested and confirmed to be receiving power and the display panel was working correctly. The unit is now functioning as it should.

Wolf Oven Display Panel Not Working No Power

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