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Sub-Zero Ice Maker

Sub-Zero ice makers are part of the larger Sub-Zero line of refrigerators and freezers.

These can be stand-alone units or they can be under-the-counter, built into the structure of your kitchen.

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If your ice maker isn’t making ice, leaking, running constantly, or otherwise not behaving as it should, let us repair your machine quickly, affordably, and professionally.

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Sub-Zero Ice Maker Not Making Ice

If your Sub-Zero ice maker is not making ice, there are a few things you can do yourself before calling for repairs.

First, if you’ve just turned the machine on, or you turned it off and then on, don’t expect to have ice within the first 24 hours. The machine needs that time to fully cycle.

Also, make sure the bucket is securely in place. To ensure you won’t get ice cubes all over your freezer or floor, the ice maker will not run without a bucket. Check if there are ice cubes jammed in the machinery. You may need to use a hairdryer to clear them.

Sub Zero ice maker repair

When Your Sub-Zero Ice Maker Starts Leaking

There are a wide variety of ways water can end up leaking from an ice maker.

One thing you can do is check to make sure you don’t have an ice jam and, if you do, try clearing it with a hairdryer if necessary. Otherwise, turn it and the water supply for it off and call us to repair your Sub-Zero ice maker.

Is Your Sub-Zero Ice Maker Running Constantly?
Sometimes an ice maker makes too much ice, rather than too little. The result piles up until you open up the unit and ice spills everywhere. One common issue is the bin thermostat is either poorly placed or broken. This device tells the ice maker when the bucket is full and no more production is needed.

Whatever might be troubling your Sub-Zero ice maker, we can help. Give is a call, and see how fast we can get your Sub-Zero ice maker working properly again.

We repair Sub-Zero ice makers in Birmingham, AL as well as Hoover, Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Homewood, and more.

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