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When it comes to repairing ice makers, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done quickly.

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Regardless of the brand, our certified technicians can troubleshoot and repair most ice makers and do so in a timely fashion.

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Ice Machine common problems

We responded to a service call for a Scotsman ice machine that was unusually noisy and experiencing low water levels during the spray cycle. Our thorough inspection identified a damaged inlet valve and a faulty circulation pump as the culprits. Replacing both the inlet valve and the circulation pump resolved the issues. The repairs eliminated the noise and restored proper water flow during the spray cycle, ensuring the ice machine operates smoothly and efficiently.


We arrived to inspect a Scotsman ice machine. The unit makes a loud screeching noise when running, and it's not pushing ice up through the breaker bearing. The auger and auger motor are binding up, so we need to replace the auger and motor as well as the breaker bearing.


During a service call for a Sub-Zero ice machine reported to be leaking, we conducted a thorough inspection and found that the filter head was the source of the leak. Troubleshooting confirmed that the filter head was defective, leading to water leakage. We removed the faulty filter head and installed a new one. After replacing the parts, the ice machine was tested to ensure it was functioning correctly without any leaks. The repair was successful, and the unit is now operating efficiently, free from any leakage issues.

Sub-Zero Ice Machine Leaking - Filter Head Replaced

Our maintenance visit for a Scotsman ice machine involved a detailed cleaning process to ensure optimal performance. The procedure included running a specialized cleaner through the system, meticulously cleaning the coil, and advising the customer to discard the first batch of ice produced post-cleaning. These steps are crucial for removing any buildup or contaminants that could affect the machine's efficiency and the quality of the ice produced. After the cleaning, the ice machine was thoroughly inspected to confirm it was operating as intended. The result of our maintenance service is a clean, fully functional Scotsman ice machine, ready to produce fresh, high-quality ice.

We attended to an ice machine that was failing to produce ice. Upon diagnosis, the issue was pinpointed to a clogged filter, which hindered water flow essential for ice production. The solution involved replacing the old, clogged filter with a new one. This straightforward fix restored the ice machine's functionality, enabling it to resume normal ice production efficiently. The filter change addressed the core problem, ensuring continued operation without further complications.

Ice Machine Not Making Ice - Clogged Filter Replaced

Top Brand Ice Maker Repair

In Birmingham

As with most major appliances, we don’t give much thought about servicing them until they stop working.

Of course that usually happens at the worst possible time; like in the middle of entertaining guests. Thankfully, we’re just a phone call away.

The main purpose of this appliance is to make and keep ice ready for you to use it when ready. They come in most refrigerator/ freezer models and single function machines. Although we do see stand-alone units, most of them are a part of the refrigerator/ freezer. When they stop producing ice, start leaking or run constantly, you need it serviced pretty quickly.

These are just a few of the brands that we get called on to repair:

Birmingham ice maker repair

View the full list of brands we service. If you don’t see yours listed there, call us anyway. Chances are we can fix it!

Contact our ice maker repair Birmingham technicians for service in Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, Homewood, and more.

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