Frequently Asked Questions from Service Care, Inc. Customers

How early/ late are you open? What are your new hours?
Our office is open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm. We offer in-home service 8am and 5pm. After hours, your phone call will be routed to our after-hours phone service who can answer basic questions and schedule new service calls. You can also send us a message or schedule a service call via our website.

Do you warranty your service?
We stand behind our work, offering Alabama's longest service warranty on our work. Further details are on our warranty page.

When I call, will I reach a live, local person?
Yes! We have a customer service staff dedicated to solving your problems. We answer the phone immediately and are ready to help. During peak times there may be a short hold time but it is relatively rare. We know your time is valuable and we respect that.

Do you sell parts to the public?
YES!! We have Appliance Parts. (Part number is required)

Can you tell me how to fix my...?
We totally respect your can-do attitude and your desire to fix it yourself. However, all our technicians work full time repairing appliances for our customers, and we do not offer any technical repair advice. Most of them are out of the building, in customer homes, providing quality service on appliances. Fortunately, there are resources available online for someone who wants to do it him or herself, although many people will still prefer to pay a servicer to take care of the problem.

I lost my receipt! Can I still get warranty service?
Technically, you are required to provide your receipt as proof of purchase to receive warranty service. But there is still hope!

Many brands will print a manufacture date on the same label where they have printed the model and serial numbers. If your unit was manufactured less than a year ago then you are still in warranty (assuming your warranty is for a year, of course).

Did you purchase it online? In all likelihood, a printout from the website that you purchase it from should be adequate; as long as it contains the purchase date, the model, and hopefully the serial number. (We'd be happy to check it for you.)

Credit card receipts are normally not good enough, as the retailer often does not provide the credit card company with enough detailed information about what you are buying. It's just a transaction of money, which could really be for anything. There are exceptions to any rule, and some credit card companies will provide extra warranty and might have this information on hand.

If you received this product as a gift or door prize, you should call the manufacturer's customer service phone number and let them know this. They are aware of holidays, birthdays and that sometimes you get the product but not the receipt. If they feel the product is not too old (manufacture date again) they will often provide a one-time letter authorizing warranty service, but not always. It's worth asking, at any rate.

If none of this applies, and you know you've had it less than a year, call the manufacturer anyway and ask. It can't hurt, and often they'll help.

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