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Samsung or LG dryers are known for their dependability. But even the most dependable appliances occasionally need repair.

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Samsung & LG Repair Service

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When Your Samsung or LG Isn’t Drying...

Your dryer has one job: provide enough heat to dry your clothes. When it can no longer do this efficiently, you end up tumbling your clothes for hours trying to get the moisture out.

There are a variety of things that can cause your LG or Samsung dryer to not heat properly. One is the heating element itself. It can also be components that measure the heat of your dryer. Their purpose is to cut off heat before overheating, but damaged sensors can cause it to shut off too soon or never turn on at all.

If your LG or Samsung dryer is not adequately drying your clothes, let us get things back on track quickly and with great customer service.


Troubleshooting Your Samsung or LG Dryer

If your dryer is producing some heat, but not enough heat, clean both the lint trap on the machine and the outside vent of your house. Both of these need to be clear to provide the adequate ventilation necessary for proper drying. You can also check the dryer vent exhaust pipe to make sure it has no kinks in it.

For additional ventilation, make sure the machine is pulled several inches away from the wall. If it’s in a small laundry room, make sure the room has plenty of ventilation. Just keeping door open is more than adequate.

These small things can save you a lot of aggravation. But if your LG or Samsung machine is truly in need of repair, you can be confident we’ll have your back.

We provide Samsung or LG Dryer dryer repair in Birmingham, AL.

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