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dishwasher problems

DISHWASHER common problems

A Frigidaire dishwasher was found not draining, with water remaining in the unit. The issue was traced to a malfunctioning pump and a faulty control board. To address this, both the pump and control board were replaced. This repair resolved the drainage problem, ensuring the dishwasher now operates efficiently and effectively, with water being drained properly post-cycle.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Drainage Failure

During a service call for a dishwasher that was not starting due to difficulty in setting it correctly, our team conducted a comprehensive inspection to understand the issue. The problem was identified as a user interface challenge, where the settings on the dishwasher were not being correctly selected or saved, preventing the start of any wash cycle. This situation often arises from confusion with the control panel's options or a possible malfunction preventing the settings from being registered. Our resolution involved a detailed walkthrough with the customer on how to correctly set and initiate the dishwasher's various cycles. Additionally, we inspected the control panel for faults and recalibrated the settings to ensure responsiveness.

Dishwasher Settings Adjustment for Proper Operation

During a service visit for an LG dishwasher displaying the 'BE' error code, indicative of a safety switch issue, our inspection confirmed that the safety switch was erroneously triggering the error without a clear cause. This switch is integral to the dishwasher's safety system, designed to prevent operation under unsafe conditions. However, in this case, it was malfunctioning, leading to unwarranted error messages and interrupting normal dishwasher operation. Our team proceeded to remove and replace the malfunctioning parts associated with the safety switch mechanism. Following the repair, the dishwasher was thoroughly tested to ensure the 'BE' error was resolved. The unit is now functioning correctly, with all safety features intact and operating as designed.

LG Dishwasher Error Code 'BE' - Safety Switch Malfunction Resolved

During our service visit to address an issue with a GE dishwasher, we discovered that the appliance had a defective wheel on the dish rack, specifically on the front left side. This faulty wheel was causing the rack to frequently fall off, leading to operational difficulties and potential damage to dishes. By replacing the rollers on the left side of the rack, we successfully resolved the problem. Post-repair testing confirmed the dishwasher is now functioning smoothly.


Upon servicing a Frigidaire dishwasher reported for making rattling sounds at startup followed by the water valve opening, our inspection identified two primary issues: a broken vent and a malfunctioning circulation pump valve. The rattling noise was traced back to the damaged vent, while the erratic behavior of the water valve was due to the faulty circulation pump valve. After removing and replacing both defective parts, the dishwasher was restored to full functionality. 

During a service call for a Whirlpool dishwasher experiencing leakage and overflow issues, our inspection pinpointed the source of the problem as a leaking tub seal. This compromised seal allowed water to escape from the dishwasher, leading to leaks and potential water damage. By removing and replacing the faulty tub seal, we effectively addressed the leakage issue. The dishwasher is now functioning excellently.

Whirlpool Dishwasher Tub Seal Leak Fixed

Addressing a dishwasher that was not washing or drying dishes properly, our diagnosis revealed that the issue stemmed from a malfunctioning control board. This crucial component regulates various functions, including water temperature and cycle settings, essential for effective cleaning and drying. By replacing the faulty control board, we restored the dishwasher's ability to heat water and execute cleaning cycles as intended. The appliance is now operating efficiently. 

The dishwasher was non-operational due to a broken fascia, causing misalignment of the buttons. Upon realignment of the buttons, the unit became functional. However, it is recommended to replace the fascia for long-term reliability and to prevent future alignment issues, ensuring the dishwasher operates smoothly.

Dishwasher Not Turning On Due to Misaligned Buttons

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Our expertly trained technicians can address the wide variety of issues that can potentially plague an aging dishwasher.

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We provide the top rated dishwasher repair in Birmingham, AL.

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