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Why Your Maytag Refrigerator Runs Constantly

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Most of us never hear our refrigerator’s quiet operation until, one day, it seems to run all the time. What’s the problem if your Maytag refrigerator runs constantly? It may be overfilled, prompting constant operation to maintain its temperature. Here’s how to solve the problem when you find yourself saying, “Help! My refrigerator keeps running, it does not turn off!”

Troubleshooting When Your Maytag Refrigerator Runs Constantly

If your Maytag refrigerator runs constantly, it can result in higher utility costs as well as serious part malfunctions. Fortunately, some simple adjustments and routine maintenance can resolve the issue and prevent bigger problems. 

Maytag Refrigerator is Overstuffed

If it’s recently been stocked to capacity, you may find that your refrigerator runs all the time. This is because the sudden abundance of food initially raises the internal temperature, making the refrigerator work harder to cool back down. 

Here’s how to stock your refrigerator so it doesn’t run constantly:

  • Space items evenly: This ensures that cool air can sufficiently flow in between each item.
  • Don’t block refrigerator vents: Placing items in front of the vents can block cool air from entering the refrigerator. Keep stored food at least 1 inch away from the interior walls and vents.
  • Avoid filling to capacity: Instead of using every inch of the refrigerator’s storage space, aim to keep it just ¾ of the way full. This enables it to cool more efficiently without running constantly.
Maytag refrigerator runs constantly
Image from OctoClean

Incorrect Temperature Settings

Another reason your refrigerator never stops running could be an incorrect temperature setting. Though the setting is correctly programmed by the manufacturer, it may have been accidentally changed to a colder setting. Consequently, your Maytag refrigerator runs constantly to achieve this colder temperature.

It’s recommended that the refrigerator be set at a “mid-setting” of 3 for both the refrigerator and freezer. This typically corresponds to a temperature of 37℉ in the refrigerator and near 0℉ in the freezer. If you need to adjust the settings, refer to your use and care guide for the correct instructions on how to do so for your model refrigerator. The freezer and refrigerator typically have their own buttons that can be pushed until each has 3 lights illuminated.

Maytag Refrigerator Condenser Coils Need Cleaning

The condenser coils remove heat from the refrigerant, creating cool air for the refrigerator. If the coils are coated in dust and dirt, it’s harder for them to do their job. When this happens, you may notice that your Maytag refrigerator won’t stop running as the condenser works harder to cool the refrigerant. You may also find that your refrigerator is warm inside due to a lack of cool air. Fortunately, cleaning the coils should enable the refrigerator to run normally and restore cooler temperatures.

refrigerator runs all the time

Follow these steps to clean Maytag refrigerator coils:

  • Disconnect the refrigerator’s power.
  • Remove the base grille by holding it on either side and pushing in the top while pulling upward.
  • Use a vacuum brush attachment or an appliance cleaning brush to gently remove dust from the coils and the area around them.
  • Replace the base grille by lining up its tabs with the metal clips and pushing firmly until it snaps in place.
  • Restore the refrigerator’s power.

If you don’t have the time or resources to clean the coils yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us for refrigerator coil cleaning!

Dirty or Damaged Refrigerator Door Gaskets

The refrigerator’s door gaskets provide a tight seal when the doors are closed, preventing warm air from entering and keeping cool air inside. If the gaskets are dirty or damaged, the doors won’t be sealed closed, and you’ll find your Maytag refrigerator runs constantly to keep cool. 

A dirty door gasket can be cleaned with a damp cloth to restore its function. However, a gasket that’s loose or torn needs to be replaced.

The experts at Service Care help when your refrigerator runs constantly. Call us to schedule any Maytag refrigerator repair.


Toxey McDavid

Owner, Service Care

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