4 Reasons for a Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator Leaking Water

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Your refrigerator operates around the clock, keeping food cool and fresh. But this hard-working appliance can fall victim to leaks that compromise function and make a big mess. Why is my Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator leaking water? A damaged or incorrectly installed water filter can cause leaking from the interior or dispenser. Troubleshoot the most common sources of refrigerator leaks with these problem-solving tips.

 Whirlpool Side-By-Side Refrigerator Leaking Water? This Could Be Why.

As messy as leaks can be, cleaning them up is often more frustrating than solving the problem. In many cases, a Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator leaking water can be fixed with a DIY solution. Here’s how to determine if a quick adjustment or professional repair will stop these common leaks.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator Water Dispenser Leaks

Is your Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator leaking water from water dispenser components? This type of leak can occur if the dispenser wasn’t flushed after the filter was replaced. Flushing the dispenser removes any trapped air in the water system that can occur during a filter replacement and cause leaks. 

To flush the dispenser and stop the leak simply hold and release the water dispenser lever for 5 seconds at a time. Dispose of any collected water and continue holding and releasing the lever until water dispenses in a steady stream. This indicates that the air is removed from the system and should stop any leaking.

Leaking Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

A Whirlpool refrigerator leaking water from filter parts can occur for a variety of reasons. These leaks can also occur at the dispenser, while leaks in the filter housing will cause puddling in the refrigerator’s interior. 

Here’s what causes water filter leaks:

  • Filter is damaged: Cracks in the filter head or housing can result in a Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator leaking water in its interior compartment. If a filter inspection reveals damage, the filter must be replaced.
  • Incorrect filter installation: A filter that isn’t installed properly can leak within its housing or at the dispenser. Always refer to your manual when changing refrigerator water filter to make sure it’s installed correctly.
  • Wrong filter brand: Using a non-OEM filter can result in poor function or an improper fit that causes leaks. When replacing the water filter, make sure you use a Whirlpool-recommended brand to prevent leaking and optimize function.
whirlpool side by side refrigerator leaking water from water dispenser

Refrigerator Leaking Water from the Bottom

A Whirlpool refrigerator leaking water from bottom could have several possible causes relating to the defrost drain tube, defrost system or drain pan. 

These issues can create leaks underneath the refrigerator:

  • Clogged defrost drain tube: The defrost drain tube transports water to the drain pan beneath the refrigerator, where it evaporates. Sometimes, residual water in the tube can freeze, creating a clog that causes water to overflow underneath the refrigerator. You may also notice the refrigerator leaking water inside near the tube’s location behind the produce drawers. Flushing the drain tube with warm water can melt the blockage and stop leaks. 
  • Defrost system malfunction: If you notice your refrigerator running all the time, it could indicate a problem with the defrost system. This closed system needs to be assessed by a professional service to determine if a repair or replacement is necessary.
  • Damaged drain pan: Cracks or holes in the pan can cause accumulated water to leak before it has a chance to evaporate. If an inspection of the pan reveals damage, it must be replaced.

Faulty Water Inlet Valve

If these DIY fixes fail to fix a Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator leaking water then a faulty water inlet valve may be the cause. This valve opens and closes to allow water from your home supply to flow to the refrigerator. If the valve has a loose-fitting or suffers damage, leaks from the valve can cause puddles behind or underneath the refrigerator.

While a loose valve fitting can be tightened to stop leaks, if an inspection reveals holes or cracks, the valve requires replacement.

The professionals at Service Care can stop any leak, preventing messes and malfunctions. Call us for the very best Whirlpool refrigerator repair Birmingham!


Toxey McDavid

Owner, Service Care

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