4 Tips for When Your Whirlpool Range Burners Won’t Ignite

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If you’re a fan of gas ranges, chances are you love the complete control and rapid heating of your Whirlpool gas stove. But enjoying these features isn’t easy if you try to turn on your stove and discover that your Whirlpool range burners won’t light.

We’ll guide you through 4 troubleshooting tips from how to clean the burners to assessing for a faulty igniter to help you solve the problem.

What to do When Your Whirlpool Range Burners
Won’t Light: A 4 Step Checklist

It can certainly be distressing when dinner is prepped, and your Whirlpool range burners won’t light. If you discover your range burner not working, there are several common problems that we can help you solve. And if your oven starts acting up as well, our common oven problems can also explain why.

#1. Clean the Defective Burner

Sometimes a simple cleaning is the solution for how to fix a gas stove burner that won’t light. Repeated spills and food particles can harden over time, blocking the small ports around the burner head and prohibiting a flame from igniting. We recommend cleaning your burners monthly to avoid buildup using these simple steps:

  1. Check the Owner’s Manual: this can determine if there are any recommended cleaning instructions or products and provide a guide to your stove’s components.
  2. Remove Burner Caps and Heads: lift off the ceramic discs on top of the burners, making sure they’re cool before doing so. Do the same with the burner heads underneath the caps.
  3. Soak the Burner Components: place in a basin of warm, soapy water for 20-30 minutes to loosen hardened food particles.
  4. Scrub the Burner Components: scrub gently with a non-scratch scouring pad and toothbrush. For stubborn stains, use a paste of 1 part baking soda and one part water when scrubbing. Gently loosen any food particles in the burner head’s ports with a straightened paperclip.
  5. Rinse: hold parts under running water, dry with a cloth, and allow to air-dry while soaking and scrubbing stove grills.
  6. Reassemble: make sure parts are completely dry before replacing.
Whirlpool range burners won't light
Image Credit: Whirlpool

#2. Check for Moisture in the Burner

If your Whirlpool range burners won’t light moisture in the burner head’s ports can be to blame, especially after a spill or recent cleaning. A sign that moisture could be the culprit is your gas stove clicking, but not lighting.

Allowing more time for the burner heads to dry should solve the problem. For more rapid drying, you can aim a fan or hairdryer at the burner head or place them in a 350℉ oven for 30 minutes.

#3. Check the Power Source

This simple check is often overlooked when your Whirlpool range burners won’t light. Even though you have a gas range, the stove’s igniter still needs electricity to spark a flame.

We suggest checking your electrical breaker to make sure it’s in the proper position. Next, check your stove’s electrical outlet to make sure it’s plugged in correctly. We recommend refraining from the use of extension cords to provide power for any major appliance.

#4. Replace the Faulty Igniter

If these measures fail to solve the problem, a faulty igniter may be the cause. The igniter works by producing an electrical spark that mixes with the range’s gas flow, igniting the burner.

If the igniter is dirty or exposed to prolonged moisture, it could fail and will need to be replaced. Your Whirlpool stove igniter not clicking when you turn the range knob could be a sign that this is the case.

These four tips can be a helpful starting point when your Whirlpool range burners won’t light. If your range burners still won’t ignite or you have another range concern, give Service Care a call for expert range repair!


Toxey McDavid

Owner, Service Care

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