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Store Service During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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With so much uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, Service Care wants you to know that we’re still open and providing safe in-home appliance service. However, to ensure the safety of you and our employees, our office doors are closed to walk-in traffic until further notice.

Although our storefront is closed to the public, appliances and parts are still available for purchase, with some limitations. Our carry-in TV and appliance repair services are also available. In order to maintain safe service during these trying times, we are implementing the following protocols below:

Do you need a part?

  • First, call our office at 205-956-3777 (It’s okay to call from the parking lot!)
  • We will need a part number or your model number.
  • We will research your part price and availability.
  • If you want the part, we will create your invoice during the call.
  • We must collect payment in advance.
  • When you come to the office, call 205-956-3777 and let us know you are outside.
  • We will bring you your part and your receipt.
  • At this time, we can not accept returns for parts.
  • Appliance sales are by appointment only. Please call 205-956-3777 to schedule.

Do you have a television or appliance that you brought here for carry-in service?

  • First, call our office at 205-956-3777 (It’s okay to call from the parking lot!)
  • We will explain the terms of our repair service.
  • We will create your repair invoice and collect payment for the diagnostic fee via credit card over the phone.
  • We will print you an invoice to sign and a copy for you.
  • We will come to your vehicle, get your signature, and load your product on to a cart.
  • That’s it, you’ll be done!
  • When it’s ready, we will have to collect payment via the telephone before you come to pick it up.
  • We will bring, to your vehicle, an invoice to sign with a copy of your invoice and payment, then we will load your product in your vehicle.

Thank you for your understanding and for helping Service Care suppress the COVID-19/Coronavirus!


Toxey McDavid

Owner, Service Care

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