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Why Is My Maytag Washer Not Filling With Water?

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The sight and sound of water filling the washing machine is a familiar sign of the usual laundry routine. So, what does it mean if you find your Maytag washer not filling with water? Hose problems like kinks, clogs, or improper installation can restrict the washer’s water access. Determine why your Maytag washer won’t fill with water with these troubleshooting tips.

How to Fix a Maytag Washer Not Filling With Water

While some hose issues can be fixed with a simple adjustment, part failures often require the help of a professional. Here’s how to figure out what’s behind your washer not filling up so you can implement the correct response.

Water Supply Issue

In some cases, a Maytag washer not filling with water may be due to a water supply issue. Most washing machines work best with access to both hot and cold water. 

Here’s how to assess water supply problems:

  • Check your home’s faucets: Make sure that hot and cold water are readily available from each. If they’re not, a professional may need to assess your home water supply.
  • Inspect washer hose connections: Check the washing machine’s water inlet hoses to make sure they’re properly secured to a hot and cold water supply connection. Tighten any loose connection points and make sure they’re not leaking.
  • Make sure the water supply is turned on: The valve for the washer’s water supply line must be in the on position to provide water access.
Maytag Washer Not Filling with Water

Water Inlet Hoses Are Blocked

If the water inlet hoses are properly connected to a working water supply, check each hose for kinks or clogs. These issues can block water flow so that the washer won’t start or fill. Gently straighten any kinks, making sure that the hose isn’t damaged with cracks or holes. A damaged hose must be replaced.

If the water inlet hoses aren’t kinked, a clog may be responsible for your Maytag washer not filling with water. Disconnect each hose from the washer and carefully remove any blockages with pliers or a straightened wire hanger. Check the inlet screens where the hoses connect to the washer and gently remove any debris with an old toothbrush.

Improper Installation of Maytag Washer Drain Hose

Is your washing machine not filling with enough water? An improperly installed drain hose can cause insufficient water flow. If the drain hose is installed too far into the standpipe the washer may siphon so it doesn’t fill completely. Make sure the drain hose is 39-96″ from the floor, referring to your user manual for additional installation instructions.

Faulty Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve opens and closes to supply the washer with hot and cold water, as needed. A faulty valve can result in a Maytag washer not filling with water when it’s stuck closed or fails to open completely.

The valve is located just behind the water inlet hoses, though you will need to remove the washer’s rear panel to access it. If the valve appears damaged or fails multimeter testing with a lack of continuity, it should be professionally replaced.

Water Level Pressure Switch Is Defective

A Maytag washer water level sensor responds to the washer’s water levels, signaling the water inlet valve to open or close. If the sensor malfunctions, it won’t signal the valve for water to start a cycle and the washer won’t fill.  It may also result in the washing machine stopping mid-cycle and failing to advance to the next function.

To determine if the sensor is defective, it should be assessed for damage and continuity. However, it can be difficult to access below the control panel or sump area underneath the washer tub. We suggest that a professional service assess and replace the sensor, if necessary.

The professionals at Service Care can perform any Maytag washer repair to restore proper function. Call us for all your laundry appliance needs!


Toxey McDavid

Owner, Service Care

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