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How to Load a Maytag Dishwasher for Cleaner Dishes

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Many times we load a dishwasher just to get the job done. But did you know that there’s a right way to load it for maximum efficiency and cleaner dishes? By placing items in the correct positions and utilizing each rack for specific items, you can get better results. We’ll review how to load a Maytag dishwasher so each rack is used to the utmost advantage.

How to Load a Maytag Dishwasher: Rack-by-Rack Tips and Tricks

Though loading a dishwasher may seem random, using the correct techniques are important. Knowing how to load a Maytag dishwasher can ensure that dishes are fully cleaned and avoid damage to glassware and the dishwasher itself. Our guide reviews the proper dishwasher loading instructions for each rack.

Top Rack

A dishwasher’s top rack was specifically designed for glasses, cups, bowls, and small plates. Your Maytag dishwasher’s top rack can be lowered to accommodate taller glasses or even removed to fit larger items below. Follow these dishwasher loading tips to make the best use of top rack space:

  • Load cups, glasses and bowls upside down and at an angle to allow for better rinsing and draining.
  • Reserve the top rack for plastic items to avoid contact with the dishwasher’s heating element below.
  • Use the rack’s adjustable plastic mesh component to best secure delicate wine glasses during a wash cycle.

how to load a maytag dishwasher

Bottom Rack

Your dishwasher’s bottom rack can best accommodate large plates and bowls and pots and pans. Here’s how to load a Maytag dishwasher bottom rack to maximize this larger space:

  • Insert one plate per slot, making sure they’re facing inward for better access to water and detergent.
  • Place pots, pans, and mixing bowls upside down to maximize contact with water and detergent.
  • Make sure these larger items don’t interfere with the spray arm’s rotation before starting the dishwasher.
  • Avoid overcrowding to ensure that each item has access to water and detergent as well as airflow for drying.

Silverware Basket

Knowing how to load a Maytag dishwasher silverware basket can prevent damage to flatware and ensure that each individual item is clean. These tips and tricks can ensure that the silverware basket is used properly:

  • The silverware basket is removable to allow for countertop loading and unloading. Also, the basket can be placed in the bottom rack or hung on the dishwasher door to allow for more bottom rack space.
  • If your silverware basket has covers, insert one utensil per slot. If you have an uncovered one, try alternate placing utensils upside down or right side up to prevent nesting. For safety reasons, always place knives upside down.
  • You can use the small, covered compartments on the sides of the basket to hold small items like baby bottle covers and jar lids.

Dishwasher Loading Mistakes

Sometimes knowing how not to load a dishwasher is just as helpful as knowing the right methods. Avoid these loading mistakes for better dishwasher performance:

  • Skip the pre-rinse: most dishwasher detergents are more effective when combined with some grime and grease.
  • Avoid using too much detergent: this can lead to an excess of suds and make rinsing difficult, leaving a residue on dishes and glassware.
  • Refrain from overloading to ensure that each item has access to detergent, water, and airflow for drying.

ServiceCare is proud to offer the very best in Maytag dishwasher repair Birmingham. From how to clean dishwasher components to the right loading techniques, we can answer any dishwasher concern.


Toxey McDavid

Owner, Service Care

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