Is Your Frigidaire Dryer Making Noise? Here’s How to Fix It

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When you hear your Frigidaire dryer making noise, ignoring it may seem like the easier option. After all, who has the time to deal with appliance malfunctions? But ignoring loud dryer noises can lead to bigger problems later.

To avoid headaches down the road, we’ll troubleshoot the parts responsible for a dryer making loud noise. Whether it’s a damaged drive belt or worn drum bearing, we’ll help you make a fast fix.

Common Causes for a Frigidaire Dryer Making Noise
(And How to Silence the Sound)

When asking, ‘Why is my dryer so loud?” it’s hard to know where to start looking for answers. Though it seems like there are hundreds of possibilities, usually just several components can result in a Frigidaire dryer making noise. We’ll discuss the most common, so you’re ahead of the repair game.

Loose Items in the Dryer Drum

One of the most frequent causes of Frigidaire dryer noise is loose items in the dryer drum. Unassuming objects like coins, buttons, or small metal pieces can cause a ruckus when caught in the drum’s rotation. They collide with the drum’s interior, creating anything from a rhythmic thud to a persistent rattling.

Not only can these noises be bothersome, but they may also signal potential damage to the drum or the objects. Promptly removing these loose items often resolves the noise issue.

Drive Belt is Loose or Damaged

Drive belt problems are common causes of dryer noises, as this component has such an integral role in dryer function. The drive belt is suspended between the drive pulley and the dryer motor. When propelled by the motor, the drive belt turns the dryer drum.

With repeated use, this rubber belt can stretch and loosen or sustain breaks and damage. While a loose belt that isn’t overstretched can be replaced on the drive pulley, a stretched, broken, or damaged belt requires replacement.

frigidaire dryer making noise

Drum Roller is Worn

Drum rollers help support the weight of the dryer drum. They’re shaped like wheels and are located in the rear of the drum, though additional rollers may be in the front as well. When these rollers wear out, you’ll notice your dryer squeaking when drum spins.

To confirm that the drum rollers are responsible for a Frigidaire dryer making noise, they need to be inspected for signs of wear. Even if only one roller is worn out, we recommend replacing all of them at the same time.

Blower Wheel is Obstructed

As its name signifies, the blower wheel works to blow hot air through the dryer and push it out the vent. Just as lint and small items can clog a dryer vent, they can also find their way to the blower wheel and cause an obstruction. The blower sleeve that secures it in place can also wear out, causing the blower wheel to wobble and make noise.

While a dryer vent cleaning will eliminate vent clogs, diagnosing an obstructed blower wheel requires some testing. Here’s how to assess blower wheel malfunctions:

  1. Remove the dryer vent
  2. Turn the dryer on
  3. If airflow is minimal, it’s likely there’s a blower wheel malfunction.

While removing any visible obstructions from the blower wheel can restore normal function, a wobbly blower wheel must be replaced.

Drum Bearing is Damaged

This metal bearing on the rear of the dryer drum helps support the drum and enables it to rotate smoothly. It can wear with time, and when it does, you’ll hear your Frigidaire dryer making grinding noise as the drum bumps the dryer panel.

To verify that the drum bearing is causing the noise, remove the dryer belt and try turning the dryer drum by hand. If the grinding sounds continue or the drum is difficult to rotate, the drum bearing is likely damaged or worn and requires replacement.

If your Frigidaire dryer making noise continues despite these troubleshooting tips, Service Care can help. Call us to schedule an expert dryer repair.


Toxey McDavid

Owner, Service Care

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