8 Best Kitchen Gadget Christmas Gifts 2020

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No doubt there’s a food-lover on your gift list who loves spending time in the kitchen. Looking to gift them with a gadget to enhance their culinary endeavors? A chopper that juliennes, slices or dices vegetables all in one nifty device can be the perfect present. Our list of the best kitchen gadget Christmas gifts 2020 has something for everyone, from budget-friendly choices to bakeware bundles.

Kitchen Gadget Christmas Gifts 2020:
Ideas for Cooks, Bakers & Foodies

Someone who loves to cook likely has pots, pans, and measuring cups galore. So why not give them some unique kitchen gifts to spice up or simplify their cooking process? This list of kitchen gadget Christmas gifts 2020 has ideas they never knew they needed to make cooking easier, faster, and fun.

Cookware Gadgets

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

Streamline chopping, dicing, slicing, and even spiralizing with this one handy device that does it all. Change out the various blades to perform the desired cutting function in seconds. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for cooks, this one allows for advance prep with an attached storage container, holding your cut vegetables until ready for use.

Price: $19.97

kitchen gadget Christmas gifts 2020
Image from Amazon

Infrared Thermometer

Wondering if your fry oil is hot enough or if the grill has the right amount of searing heat? This infrared thermometer provides temperature precision by simply holding it over your heated surface. Once its laser registers the temperature, it provides an easy-to-read digital display.

Price: $79.95

best kitchen gadget gifts for Christmas
Image from Williams Sonoma

Bakeware Gadgets

KitchenAid Appliance Bundle

This KitchenAid mixer bundle couples the iconic mixer with various additions and attachments from which to choose. With bundles that include a mixer with ceramic bowls or different KitchenAid mixer accessories, there’s a package for every home baker’s preferences.

Price: $350-$620

KitchenAid mixer bundle
Image from KitchenAid

Silicone Perfect Pie Crust Mold

How can pie makers get that perfect lattice or decorative edge every time? One of the best kitchen gadget Christmas gifts 2020 is a simple silicone pie mold that creates 5 classic designs. Place a strip of dough in the mold and apply pressure to create an effortless braid, basketweave, or rope.

Price: $16.95

unique kitchen gifts
Image from Williams Sonoma

Budget-friendly Gadgets

Batter Dispenser

The best kitchen gadget gifts for Christmas don’t have to break the bank. For under $15, this batter dispenser offers precise and mess-free pouring of a variety of batters from pancakes to cupcakes. Simply pour your batter in the measured dispenser and pull the handle until the desired amount is reached. 

Price: $12.85

Christmas gifts for cooks
Image from Amazon

Custom Christmas Cookie Stamp

Show your love for your favorite baker with a personalized Christmas cookie stamp to customize every cookie. Perfect for various doughs, from shortbread to sugar, you can personalize the stamp with the baker’s name and a holiday message. Or, create an option for year-round use with the personalized wording of your choice.

Price: $13.70

Christmas cookie cutter
Image from Etsy Shop Owner: TheRedCollar

Wacky Gadgets

Automatic Pan Stirrer

For the chefs who love a good gadget as much they appreciate a perfect hollandaise, this device does all the stirring for you. Place it in the pan with the sauce on low heat, press a button, and walk away. Freeing hands to get other jobs done, this automatic stirrer also offers a timer so any sauce is stirred to individual perfection.

Price: $25.00

fun Christmas gift
Image from Uncommon Goods

Foodie Dice

Make meal planning a game with this game of dice that leaves the question of “What’s for dinner?” up to fate. The primary set of 5 dice includes a protein, cooking method, herb, grain, and a bonus ingredient that can differ with each roll. The spontaneous cook will love the random combinations of carbs, meats, and veggies that arise, creating fresh, new dinner time favorites.

Price: $24.00

foodie games
Image from Amazon

We hope this list of kitchen gadget Christmas gifts 2020 has something to delight your favorite food-lover. Happy holidays from all of us at Service Care!


Toxey McDavid

Owner, Service Care

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