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Alabama Dryer Repairs

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Birmingham, Alabama Dryer Repairs

Need dryer repairs in Alabama?

Trust us, we know what you’re going through. You’ve got a washing machine full of wet clothes and the dryer decides to stop working. Sure, you can take your clothes to a laundromat, but that’s inconvenient and expensive. You’ve got better things to do with your time, and you deserve a working dryer.

When you need dryer repairs, let Service Care come to your rescue. In Alabama, we’re the premier service center for solving laundry repair problems. If your dryer is still in warranty, we’re authorized for most major brands. We’re also contracted with most major third-party extended warranty programs. Of course, we will also provide you excellent service if you are out of warranty. Either way, we’ve got what it takes to solve your dryer repair problem.

Customers needing dryer repairs in Alabama can call or email us for a service call, and we’ll get back in touch with you about your dryer as soon as possible.

Service Care’s number one goal is your satisfaction, so let us take care of your dryer repair problem. You’ll be glad you did.

You can read more about dryers in Wikipedia:

A clothes dryer, sometimes called a tumble dryer, is a household appliance that removes moisture from clothing and cloth-based items like towels and linens. Ordinarily, this is just the remaining moisture left in the load of clothing after it has been mostly squeezed out by the spin cycle of the washing machine.

Generally, a dryer is comprised of a drum, called a tumbler, which rotates and tumbles the clothing. While this tumbling action is occurring, heated air is moved through the tumbler to evaporate the moisture in the clothing. The tumbling action allows the air to reach different surfaces of the individual items of clothing for even drying.

Of clothes dryers, there are two basic types, gas and electric. Essentially, both of these dryers accomplish the drying action in the same manner. The difference is how each type of dryer heats up the air that is passed through the tumbler. Most gas dryers use some electricity to power the motor that causes the drum to rotate, and to power the electronic controls.

Electric clothes dryers normally use some kind of coiled wire element that is caused to heat by electric current passing through it. Gas clothes dryers use a gas burner that burns either propane, butane, or natural gas to make a jet of hot air that is passed through a duct that moves the hot air into the dryer and through the tumbler.

Clothes dryer. (2008, October 25). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 00:25, November 14, 2008, from


Toxey McDavid

Owner, Service Care

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