10 Most Useful Refrigerator Organization Tips

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There’s nothing more frustrating than a refrigerator so messy that you have no idea what’s really inside of it. Organizing your refrigerator space will help you know what you have, prevent food loss due to expiration, and keep you sane. An organized refrigerator also means no unexpected warm refrigerator moments when you’ve unknowingly blocked an air vent.

You may be surprised to learn some simple refrigerator organization tips that create more space and keep your refrigerator cleaner and tidier. Use these creative hacks to organize your fridge… your dream refrigerator is only a few organizational steps away!

10 Refrigerator Organization Tips You Can’t Live Without

Mason Jars

Use mason jars to store leftovers, lunch preparations like salad or mixed fruit, soups and more. Mason jars are inexpensive, come in several different sizes, and stack easily inside your refrigerator. They also double as a great beverage container!

meal prep
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Clever Egg Crates

No more drippy condiment jars! Use an old egg crate as a way to keep condiments flowing toward the spout and without a mess. Separate the top and bottom halves of the egg carton, slip the egg crate into the shelf of the refrigerator door, and store condiment bottles and salad dressings spout-side down to squeeze out every last drop.

egg crate refrigerator organizer.
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Create a Shelf

Some refrigerators have very little shelf space and too much open space between the shelves. You can pick up a cheap wire shelf at The Dollar Store and place it on your refrigerator shelf to instantly double the space.

refrigerator extra shelf space
Photo Credit: Life Hacker

Removable Bins

It is helpful to group items together of similar use. Find any kind of removable bin that suits your needs, and be creative! You can use magazine holders, file boxes, even small 3-drawer units that fit on the shelf. Popular favorites are the removable bins with a handle facing out, or a place to put a label. Either way, it’s handy to grab the bin and peek inside or set it on the counter while you use the contents.

tips for organizing your fridge
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Package Condensing

Have you ever wondered why so much packaging is required for so little product? Ditch the package! Save refrigerator space by only keeping the inside portion of bulky purchases- you can cut out the instructions and tape to the internal part you keep for reference. This is a space-saving freezer hack as well.

Snack Drawer

If you have kids or other family members that like to snack, consider dedicating a drawer just to snack foods. If your refrigerator has a shallow deli drawer, this is the perfect place to re-purpose as the Snack Zone.  Fill the drawer with your favorite snack foods, such as cheese sticks, fruit containers, lunch meat slices, etc., and your snack eaters will easily find what they’re looking for in no time.

Photo Credit: Stockpiling Moms

Theme spaces

You can use bins or just a consistent location to create themes within your refrigerator. Eat salads frequently? Have an area just for salad fixings. If you have school-age children, teach them how to prepare their own lunches and give them a bin or space just for the packed-lunch foods you’d like them to have. This will not only keep your refrigerator organized well, but help develop a healthy habit for the kids.

Can Dispenser

Whether your family drinks sodas or sparkling water, if you have canned beverages, a worthwhile investment for your refrigerator is a soda/can dispenser. This old trick keeps cans condensed into a small area and feeds the down the chute as you use them, preventing them from getting lost in the back of the fridge.

can dispenser for refrigerator
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Drawer Dividers

Inexpensive baskets or drawer dividers are not just for silverware and junk drawers–this is among the best of the refrigerator organization tips. Baskets are helpful to keep small items like tomatoes, lemons and limes, or apples from rolling around in your crisper drawers. You could also opt for some expandable drawer dividers and create your own customized sections within the drawer to serve the same purpose.

Photo Credit: Enjoy This Beautiful Day

Shelf Liner

Although this may not be a true refrigerator organization tip, keeping things clean inside your refrigerator is still a priority. Not only does a clean refrigerator look nicer, but it keeps items from sticking to the shelves, and keeps odor control manageable. Try using Press-n-Seal wrap to line shelves with- it’s fast to install, easy to wipe clean, and it’s disposable and cheap to replace.

easy clean refrigerator shelves
Photo Credit: Virtuous Wife

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