Appliance Maintenance Special

Pay $99 for the first appliance maintenance Service of your choice.
Only $30 For Each Add-On Appliance!*

One of the best ways to keep your appliances working properly and running efficiently is routine maintenance. Keeping your appliances clean can actually help improve energy efficiency and even prevent breakdowns in some cases.

But who has time to clean and inspect all their kitchen and laundry appliances?

We do! Call today, and let us do the dirty work for you. Our technician will clean, calibrate and fully test your appliances. If we find a repair issue, you will receive a fair quote. Schedule your maintenance service and keep your appliances like new!

*Disclaimer: Ice machines are not included in this special. Freestanding ice machines cleanings are $189 and up. Normally $225 and up.

Call to schedule today

Call today to schedule your Appliance Maintenance Service. We will work around your schedule to find a time that’s convenient for you.


Refrigerator Coil Vacuum & Seal Check
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Condenser coils are the lungs of your refrigerator. If they are covered with dust, dirt, and dander, your refrigerator can’t release heat properly. We will inspect the coils and meticulously clean them to ensure your refrigerator continues to run smoothly.
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Oven Calibration & Safety Check
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If you’ve noticed your oven doesn’t heat enough or the temperature is just not accurate, it probably needs to be calibrated! With our oven calibration and safety check, we will ensure your unit is runnning at its optimum level.
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Dishwasher Cleaning & Efficiency Check
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Your dishwasher works hard to clean your dishes daily. Over time, food debris can clog the system, causing your dishwasher to not clean as efficiently. Our technicians will inspect your dishwasher for any issues, and professionally clean the unit.
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Washer Cleaning & Efficiency Check
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Keep your washer running smoothly and smelling fresh for years to come! We will thoroughly clean the unit and perform an efficiency check. If we find a problem, our technician will make recommendations to prevent a major breakdown.
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Dryer Vent Cleaning & Inspection
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Dryer vent cleaning is a preventative measure you can that not only improves dryer efficiency, but can protect your family and home from a dryer fire. We’ll inspect your dryer and vents and remove all traces of lint and debris up to 20ft on one floor.
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Disclaimer: This special price covers basic, normal maintenance. Your units may require extensive cleaning and/or parts. If so, your technician will quote you a fair rate. If no service is approved at time of visit, a minimum $99 diagnostic fee will be charged. 

Why is appliance

maintenance important?

Just like any machine,  your appliance need a tune up to continue to work properly.

Without it, your appliance will show signs of wear and tear prematurely.

These are the benefits of regular appliance maintenance >>>

Every year, countless dollars are wasted on spoiled food. Often times, this is due to a refrigerator not cooling properly. If not caught in time, your spoiled food can make you sick with salmonella, E. coli, and other bacterial infections.

Instructions vary depending on your refrigerator brand & model. Refrigerator coils are located at the bottom of the refrigerator or under the toe plate. You’ll need a vacuum, coil cleaning brush, appliance glides (so you don’t damage the floor when moving the appliance), and about 1-1.5 hours.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, dryer fires cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss every year. Dryer vent cleaning is the #1 preventative measure you can take to protect your family.

From costly repairs, or worse.