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Request for an in-home service call on your appliance or television. All fields are required, and we'll get back to you during the next business day (or sooner) by phone or email. - Read about our Privacy Policy.
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Help finding your Model number, Serial number
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Televisions - Back to top. - While older televisions will only have a sticker on the back stating the model and serial number, newer televisions (especially wall-mountable TVs) will also have a sticker on the side-edge to allow easy examination of the model/version #/serial information. If your TV comes with a Version number, it's very important to send that with the model to make sure we get the right parts.
View pop-up example pics: New TV - Older TV

Refrigerators/Freezers - Back to top. - Refrigerators usually put the model/serial sticker inside the unit, on a left or right inside wall of the refrigerator compartment. Freezers will often have the model/serial sticker on the back or side, since a full freezer would obscure that information from a servicer.
View pop-up example pic: Refrigerator/Freezer

Washers - Back to top. - Most washers will put the model/serial number sticker under or behind a door or lid, but a few will put it on the back of the washer itself.
View pop-up example pic: Washer

Dryers - Back to top. - Most dryer will put the model/serial number sticker behind a door on the front, but a few will put it on the back of the washer itself.
View pop-up example pic: Dryer

Wall Ovens/Ranges - Back to top. - Wall ovens and ranges tend to be pretty straight-forward. The model/serial sticker is usually on the edge of the door, the edge of the main cavity opening, or on a surface of the warming/storage drawer.
View pop-up example pic: Wall Oven/Range

Dishwashers - Back to top. - Dishwashers normally have the sticker just inside the unit, but outside the rubber water seal. Check the edge of the door, or the inside edge that meets the door.
View pop-up example pic: Dishwasher