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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Directv at Service Care!

Today’s the day we finally get the DIRECTV portion of our business operational. We’re offering local care for the number one in customer service (That’s why we chose them… That, and DIRECTV being the high-end experience for TV of course).

We’re excited, frankly.

Last night I watched an on-demand tv show at the shop (American Horror Story: Coven, 1st episode), and I liked it. (Not for the little kids though, if this were at home I would set parental controls).

A quick search, and two clicks of the record button, and the whole series is saved on the Genie DVR! Whee!

We’ll be introducing ourselves as your local DIRECTV distributor, and I hope to have an updated website up and running soon at http://servicecare.net as soon as is possible.

Thanks, and good morning!

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Service Care TV & Appliance Repair's Vice President, Toxey McDavid
Posted by Toxey McDavid at 7:19 AM
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