Friday, July 24, 2009


Top 5 Television Repair Myths

This is an ongoing work, and I'm sure more will be added. This is just based on our experience, we'd love to hear yours:

(As we work out the list, we'll get it ordered and numbered)

*) Replacing the fuse usually fixes a "dead" TV. -- Actually, the fuse is almost never the solution to a television problem. Fuses blow when too much power goes through them, and the most common reason for that to happen is another part within the TV's circuitry passing along the wrong amount of juice. Replacing the fuse will normally just result in more bad fuses.
TIP: If you really must try the fuse, just make sure you get the EXACT fuse replacement. Getting the wrong one can do much, much, much more damage to your TV than doing nothing at all. Whatever you do, DON'T BYPASS THE FUSE. Don't try a trick to get past a bad fuse. You might end up burning your house down and endangering your life and the lives of your family. DON'T!

*) If the TV has no power, it must have a defective power button. -- This one is possible, but very unlikely. Any single part in the power circuit of the television that is bad can cause the TV to have "no power" or appear "dead". Since most people operate the TV with a remote, the chances of a switch going bad are slim to none.
TIP: If the remote AND the power button won't turn on the TV, check the batteries in the remote... but it's the TV, trust me.

*) My picture won't come on, it must need a new panel (i.e. plasma or lcd tv) -- Good news! This is usually not true... and good thing! Plasma and LCD panel replacement is cost prohibitive, and I mean expensive as heck. Fortunately, it's not usually the panel.
If you see a rainbow colored or white spatter effected series of cracks when the TV is on, it's a busted panel.

*) "It's a lemon" -- It could be, but I doubt it. Just because your television has a failure, doesn't really impune the good name of the manufacturer, that model, or your specific television. It's all about percentages. If a manufacturer makes a million TVs and only half a percent fails, that's 5,000 bad TVs. Seems like a lot when it's your TV, but truthfully that manufacturer is doing pretty darn good. Most likely, your television can be repaired successfully by a qualified, experienced television servicer.
TIP: If you have to repair it more than 3 times within the warranty period, you might be right. The manufacturer will make that decision based on the high cost of repair that they're investing in your TV. Be nice, patient, and they'll take care of you.

*) TV repair companies know which TV's breakdown the most/least -- I've got bad news for you. A servicer can tell you which televisions they don't like working on (due to difficult chassis, schematics, parts availability, etc), but they can't really give you a good idea which TVs break the most or the least. All they see are bad TVs, from every brand imaginable. No manufacturer is perfect. Unfortunately, the numbers are skewed (mostly) by the number of televisions sold by that brand. You sell a lot, you'll (percentage-wise) have more repairs. Does that make the brand inferior? No, it means they sold more.
TIP: Try to stick to brand names you know, get referals from friends. If you've never heard of them making TVs before, be cautious.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Congrats to Alabaster, Calera and Helena

Alabaster, Calera and Helena were listed, along with Madison, Alabama, in Money magazine's top 100 places to live. Not too shabby, Shelby.

Read about it locally.

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Monday, July 13, 2009


I missed it! Happy Birthday Pelham

Apparently, the city of Pelham, Alabama turned 45 last Friday.

Pelham, you don't look a day over 41, I swear it.

Service Care says Happy Birthday!

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Friday, July 10, 2009


August back-to-school sales tax holiday in Alabama

Looks like they're going to do it again, many cities in Alabama to eliminate sales taxes August 7th through the 9th for back to school shoppers.

Read about the tax holiday here.

From the blog entry:

"Some of the participants in the 2009 sales tax holiday, according to the Alabama Department of Revenue

Center Point
Vestavia Hills
Shelby County
Jefferson County (will exempt the regular 1 percent sales tax but not the 1 percent education sales tax that took effect in 2005)"

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Operation FALCON a success

An encouraging read, if you would like to find out what is being done to remove violent and dangerous criminals from Jefferson, Shelby, and Walker counties.

Operation Falcon Makes Arrests

I'm proud that this initiative is in action, sends a good message and has an immediate effect on the safety of local citizens and businesses.

Arrests were made for "murder, assault, sexual offenses, robbery, narcotics, property of theft and probation violations." They also verified 1,000 sex offenders were located where they claimed to be, and arrested them if they were not.

Congratulations to the officers and planners who made this happen. Keep it up!

It would do nothing but good for all of us to send thanks somehow to our law enforcement community for their efforts. Think about it.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Twitter for business?

I can not imagine anyone wanting to know what their mechanic or dentist is doing throughout the day. I'm assuming I understand what twitter is all about, and I think I don't get it.

Now, I'll bet that Mom's wouldn't mind knowing where their young ones are and what they are doing, but really now...

Anyway, just a thought.