Saturday, November 22, 2008


How to link to Service Care's Blog(s)

Suppose you read something here you like, or find interesting, or hate, or what have you.

How do you link to it from your blog, website or forum.

There's one way to link to the whole blog, if you think it's all interesting:

You can cut and paste the link below and drop it into your html editor:

The link will look like this: TV and Appliance Repair Blog

Now, I doubt the whole blog is interesting to everybody, and frankly I'm just hoping that one or two things will help someone out there looking for answers about appliances or electronics.

So, if you want to link to a specific blog entry, put your mouse over "LINK to this" in that entry (at the bottom left). Right-click over the "LINK to this", and in the menu that pops up you'll be able to save the link, bookmark it, and more importantly, copy the link.

Once you copy it, you can past it anywhere that allows you to paste this sort of thing, like a link from your blog, your website, etc.

Hopefully this helps, and I'll be sure to update this if I change this process. If someone has ideas for better ways to do this, I'd love to hear about it in comments. Thanks!

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