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Mitsubishi Television Repairs

Need your Mitsubishi TV fixed in Alabama?

Service Care is your Mitsubishi authorized service center. We have been a factory-trained and authorized repair center for Mitsubishi for over a decade, and you can count on us to solve all your broken TV problems.

You bought Mitsubishi because of the excellence of their televisions and their committment to quality. We have the same vision for how we provide service to you. Our electronics technicians have years of experience fixing Mitsubishi TVs, and will use that expertise to make your television work again like new.

If your TV is a Mitsubishi, you owe it to yourself to choose Service Care as your service center.

For Mitsubishi television services and repairs in Alabama, you will not find a service center who will take better care of you and your TV.
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For more information, call us: 205-956-3777

Mitsubishi televisions - a short "history"

The year was 1953, and Mitsubishi Electric released their first branded television. This was a black & white television. This was followed up in 1954 by the completion of the ITV, which as Japan's first television developed for industrial use.

Six years later, in 1960, Mitsubishi produced their first color TV. This TV used technology that was first developed by the American company RCA (Radio Corporation of America).

In the eighties, Mitsubishi really started to think BIG about televisions. In 1980, the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles installed the first Mitsubishi Diamond Vision outdoor video display. This was one big TV! The 37 inch color TV they released in 1985 may not have been quite as big, but it was a pretty large in-home television for 1985.

From 2001 and beyond, Mitsubishi has installed a number of super-sized TV's. In 2001, Mitsubishi installed the first large-scale outdoor HDTV screen in Tokyo, followed by the world's widest display in 2003 at a Hong Kong race course. In 2005, the Atlanta Braves' Turner Field baseball stadium go the world's largest outdoor HDTV video screen from Mitsubishi. It's clear that Mitsubishi has a lot of experience with large televisions.

These are a few of the Mitsubishi Models we have serviced:

CK31304 CK32308 CK-32308 CK35304 CK-35304
CK-35306 CK35308 CK-35308 CS-13101 CS-20101
CS-20103 CS-20201 CS20203 CS-20203 CS-26201
CS-27205 CS-27209 CS-27305 CS-27309 CS-27405
CS-27407 CS31303 CS-31303 CS31305 CS-31305
CS-31505 CS-32207 CS-32307 CS32309 CS-32507
CS-32509 CS35207 CS-35207 CS35301 CS-35303
CS-35305 CS35307 CS-35307 CS-35401 CS-35405
CS-35503 CS35505 CS-35505 CS36309 CS36509
CS-36609 CS-40307 CS-40503 CS-40505 CS-40509
CS40809 DD-4001 HS-U100 HS-U110 HS-U120
HS-U200 HS-U260 HS-U270 HSU-270 HS-U28
HS-U36 HS-U38 HS-U410 HS-U420 HSU430
HS-U430 HS-U500 HS-U510 HS-U520 HSU-530
HS-U550 HS-U560 HS-U570 HS-U580 HS-U650
HS-U760 HS-U770 HS-U780 HS-U790 LT3020
LT37131 LT3780 LT40133 LT46131 LT46133
LT46149 LT46231 LT46244 LT52133 LT52149
LT52244 M-SS5 M-SUB12 M-V6027 M-VR600
MV-R800 TS-4545 TS-50611 TS-5089 VS-4541
VS4542 VS-4542 VS4543 VS-4543 VS-4544
VS-45501A VS-4551A VS-4552A VS-4553 VS-45603
VS-45605 VS45607 VS45609 VS-4561 VS50111
VS-50111 VS-5041 VS5043 VS-5043 VS5044
VS5046 VS-5046 VS-5047 VS-50501 VS-50501A
VS5051 VS-5051 VS-5059 VS50603 VS-50603
VS50605 VS-50605 VS50607 VS-50607 VS50609
VS-50703 VS-50705 VS50707 VS-5075 VS-5077
VS-50801 VS-50803 VS50805 VS-50805 VS-55601
VS55609 VS55707 VS60111 VS6041 VS-6041
VS-6043 VS-6043A VS-6047 VS60601 VS-60601
VS-60603 VS60607 VS-60607 VS60609 VS60703
VS-60703 VS60705 VS-60705 VS-60707 VS60719
VS-60801 VS-60803 VS60805 VS-60815 VS70601
VS-70601 VS70705 VS-70705 VS-70803 VS7085
VS-80803 VS8087 VSA50 WD52327 WD52525
WD52527 WD52628 WD52631 WD52725 WD52825
WD57731 WD57732 WD57733 WD57734 WD57831
WD60735 WD60737 WD60C8 WD62327 WD62525
WD62526 WD62527 WD62530 WD62627 WD62628
WD62725 WD62825 WD62827 WD62927 WD65731
WD65732 WD65733 WD65734 WD65735 WD65736
WD65737 WD65831 WD65833 WD73727 WD73732
WD73733 WD73734 WD73735 WD73736 WD73827
WD73831 WD73833 WD73835 WD73837 WD73927
WD82737 WDC657 WDY57 WDY577 WDY65
WD-Y65 WL82913 WS48311 WS48313 WS48413
WS48515 WS55311 WS-55311 WS55313 WS55315
WS-55315 WS55411 WS55413 WS55511 WS55513
WS55515 WS55613 WS55615 WS55711 WS55805
WS-55805 WS55807 WS-55807 WS55809 WS558097
WS55813 WS55815 WS55819 WS-55819 WS55857
WS55859 WS55905 WS55907 WS55908 WS55909
WS-55909 WS65311 WS65313 WS65315 WS-65315
WS65411 WS65413 WS65511 WS65517 WS65611
WS65613 WS65615 WS65711 WS65713 WS65807
WS-65807 WS65809 WS65813 WS65819 WS65857
WS-65857 WS65869 WS65903 WS65905 WS65907
WS-65907 WS65908 WS65909 WS73711 WS73903
WS73905 WSA55 WS-A55 WSA65 WS-A65
WT42311 WT-42311 WT42315 WT42413 WT46805
WT-46805 WT46807 WT-46807 WT46809 WTA42

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