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In-Home LCD Television Repairs

Need LCD TV repairs in Alabama?

You have found the right place. There is no service center in Alabama better trained and more committed to taking care of your LCD television repair issues.

We've been perfecting our skills for over two decades, and taking care of people just like you who have problems with their LCD televisions. You can count on us to solve your problems.

Service Care is factory trained and authorized for most major warranty repairs. We also accept the majority of 3rd party warranty agreements. We go to great lengths to make sure we will be able to be your electronics and appliance servicer for life.

For LCD television repairs in Alabama, you will not find a service center who will take better care of you.
alabama LCD television repairs and service 
For more information, call us: 205-956-3777

You can read more about LCD televisions in Wikipedia:

LCD TV's (Liquid-crystal display televisions) are televisions that use LCD technology to produce video images. The benefits of this LCD technology include a much lower weight and considerably reduced power requirements when compared to other and older display types. Often, LCD television screens can also be used quite well as computer monitors.

Until recently, it was largely believed that LCD technology was ill-suited for larger flat-panel televisions above 40 inches. In the beginning, early LCDs could not compete with plasma technology for the larger screens because plasma beat LCDs in cost and performance. These days, LCD TVs offer acceptable performance in larger sizes at a reasonable price.

As LCD technology has improved, the technological gap is narrowing, allowing producers of televisions to offer lighter TVs and higher available resolution (which is crucial for HDTV viewing) and lower consumption of power. LCD TVs can now compete better against plasma displays in the television set market. LCDs are now overtaking plasmas, particularly in the larger screen market where plasma had been largely dominant, despite plasmas high expense at that time. TVs based on PVA and S-PVA LCD panels deliver a wide angle of viewing, up to 178 degrees. They also now deliver an improved and adequate contrast ratio for viewing bright scenes, as well as dark scenes in bright rooms. The dynamic contrast technique improves contrast when viewing dark scenes in a dark room. Alternatively, some manufacturers have produced LCD TVs that shine a color-matched light onto the wall behind the LCD TV to help make dark scenes look darker. PVA and S-PVA panels usually have problems with ghosting when transitioning between different shades of dark colors. In new televisions this is being compensated for with some success using a method known as overdriving.

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