Are you looking for a career in the service industry? Are you an appliance or television technician? Service Care is always looking to hire likeable, trustworthy people with customer service skills, preferrably with repair experience.
  • If you care about people;
  • If you enjoy helping customers and helping them find solutions;
  • If you are looking for a great job with a company that will appreciate you and your knowledge and experience;
  • If you need to find a fun place to work everyday with the best opportunity to fulfill your career and financial goals;
To send us an introductory application, click here for our Careers and Employment page or you can send an email to with your resume or work history and you will receive follow-up instructions on how to apply to join Service Care's team of professionals.

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"Professional Service by People who Care... that's Service Care."

Appliance repair or TV repair problems? Discover why Service Care is right for you.

With our six month warranty on appliances, televisions and electronics repairs, you can depend on Service Care.

Since 1986, Service Care TV & Appliance Repair is Birmingham, Alabama's premier TV and appliance service center. We specialize in quality in-home service or you can visit us at our appliance and TV repair shop at 2812 5th Avenue South, Birmingham AL, 35210. (Click for Map!)

Service Care is also your local DIRECTV solution for Alabama! Call us today for the best TV experience.

Want to fix it yourself? DIY appliance repair? You can get your Appliance Parts from Service Care.

In-shop hours: Mon-Fri 8 am - 6 pm, and Saturday 9 am - 1 pm

Please check out our reviews on the web and our testimonials, and compare us to any television or appliance service in the Southeast, then call us at 205-956-3777 or send us an email at

We are a full service TV Repair Shop, Appliance Repair Shop, Television and Radio-Service and Repair, Major Appliance Repair (not refinishing), Audio, Electronics and more. (Ask us, we can probably repair it!)


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Our new address, in graphic form, for Birmingham, Alabama Television and Appliance Repairs

We are no longer located at 5599 Oporto Madrid Boulevard, Birmingham AL 35210. Also, take care to note that we are not located downtown at 2812 5th Avenue South, Birmingham AL 35233, but in the city of Irondale (a Birmingham neighbor).

Of course, that doesn't stop us from providing professional in-home appliance service and television repairs for all of Birmingham, the Birmingham Metropolitan area, and the surrounding communities (within our radius of service).

Service Care thanks Birmingham for letting us serve you for over two decades! We're proud to be the best Southeastern appliance and television service center in Alabama.

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